{Tuesday, November 09, 2004 . To Maintain My Divinity!!! Part3(ii)}

[From now on the female lead will be known as "Popiah!] The best way to absorb the yin energy is to do it in the bathroom in the bath tub, becos of the wetness*... (copyright from WONG GUOQIANG) B4 the proceed of taking in the yin energy, one must begin with a foreplay. (Please use your imagination guys, Imagine and it here it goes: (reversal of role) Popiah will take on the role as the huntress and KaChang will take on the role as a 'tame lion'... Howl oooo!! The huntress will carry the lame lion in her warm arms and they will look passionately into the each other eyes... (yukes) From a gentle kiss to french kiss and finally the beast kiss!!!( trying to devour one another, licking and biting!!!) Ouches.?!.. The Huntress will then place the 'lion' into the bath tub. (Kachang is helplessly in the crutch of the beholder!!!) Wahahah!!!?@?@$$%@ Popiah will then remove her bath robe!!! Argh!!!!! Help me!!! and ask Kachang in a seductive voice... ; Darling, am I too Fresh for you??? *muack*... Take me KaChang, PLEASE DO IT!!! just do it man!!... ...

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{Tuesday, November 02, 2004 . To Maintain My Divinity!!! Part3}

Wahaha...(Sorry folks for the delay.)One day, i was chit-chatting with KaCahang, i get to know that he is in fact 80years old.(I was so shock!!! Becos he look at least 30years younger than that)Being curious, i decided to ask him how he maintain his youth... Whispering to my ear he said:'lin bei tell u arh, the formula is to eat ginseng and absorb yin energy from a gal everi fornightly.' (no wonder everi tues, thurs and sat i heard the whimpering sound of Popiah) hehehe... Being a kind man, KaChang decide to describe to me how to attain the highest pleasure in asborbing the yin energy...

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{Thursday, October 21, 2004 . To Maintain My Divinity!!! Part2 (the love story)}

(Well, well well, time for more 'snacks') Wan tu was a little gal found by KaChang when she was only 2years old. Ever since then, KaChang has took pride in Popiah. He love her more than his Ice KaChang stall in Lai Fo Shi place (Raffles Place). Everyday he will give her the best food he can find, and give her the best shelter. ( there is hidden intention) On the other hand, Popiah is very grateful for all the love KaChang Has given to her and she know how to repay him in future. As years goes by, Popiah grows to b a FINE gal.. (and of course, KaChang grows older) KaChang initial love as a 'dad' to Popiah start to go out of control. He start to fantasy about being in love with her, not knowing to KaChang is that, Popiah felt the same to her old man. The love between the 'dog and the bitch' is way beyond the sky horizon... ... For instance, Popiah obssession with KaChang has lead her to stick a photo of him behind the toilet door. This is to ensure that she has the best comfort while she is clearing her bowel... Hahahaa. ... ... Not losing out to Popiah, kaChang took sexy photo of Popiah. So that he can admire her even while sellin His Ice KaChang...(Fantasy)... To be continued...

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{Wednesday, October 13, 2004 . To Maintain My Divinity!!! Part1}

I was sent to earth in search of a Ginseng by my LOrd... I was given a period of 3years to find it, if not, i can nver becum a deity!!! Lucky for me I landed in a place call Si zi Cheng (Lion City). A nice and pleasant country, only thing is, it is so small!!! Small untill alwaz kana attack by neighbours. Small as it is, it is a strategic place for the search of 1000years Ginseng!!! After months of searching for the ginseng, i finally came across an old man call KaChang. He is a old but friendly man, he always bring along a young and chubby gal call Popiah!!! She is the old man oni kin, KaChang needed her for both physical n moral support.(Fantasy)... To be continued...

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{Tuesday, October 05, 2004 . Hihi!!!}

Hey!!! Why internet got so many stupid things??? Everytime also got something new pop up... Got friendster lah, blogs lah and etc. I old already leh. Cannot keep up with time liao... By the way, after much trouble i finally engaged a korean friend (Helaine) to help me establish a blog. Haiz, so damn troublesome sia... Come already also dun know wat to write... Nvm at least this is my maiden msg. My MAIDEN MSG!!! Hahahha... ... That all for today. I'll be back!

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