{Tuesday, November 09, 2004 . To Maintain My Divinity!!! Part3(ii)}

[From now on the female lead will be known as "Popiah!] The best way to absorb the yin energy is to do it in the bathroom in the bath tub, becos of the wetness*... (copyright from WONG GUOQIANG) B4 the proceed of taking in the yin energy, one must begin with a foreplay. (Please use your imagination guys, Imagine and it here it goes: (reversal of role) Popiah will take on the role as the huntress and KaChang will take on the role as a 'tame lion'... Howl oooo!! The huntress will carry the lame lion in her warm arms and they will look passionately into the each other eyes... (yukes) From a gentle kiss to french kiss and finally the beast kiss!!!( trying to devour one another, licking and biting!!!) Ouches.?!.. The Huntress will then place the 'lion' into the bath tub. (Kachang is helplessly in the crutch of the beholder!!!) Wahahah!!!?@?@$$%@ Popiah will then remove her bath robe!!! Argh!!!!! Help me!!! and ask Kachang in a seductive voice... ; Darling, am I too Fresh for you??? *muack*... Take me KaChang, PLEASE DO IT!!! just do it man!!... ...

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{Tuesday, November 02, 2004 . To Maintain My Divinity!!! Part3}

Wahaha...(Sorry folks for the delay.)One day, i was chit-chatting with KaCahang, i get to know that he is in fact 80years old.(I was so shock!!! Becos he look at least 30years younger than that)Being curious, i decided to ask him how he maintain his youth... Whispering to my ear he said:'lin bei tell u arh, the formula is to eat ginseng and absorb yin energy from a gal everi fornightly.' (no wonder everi tues, thurs and sat i heard the whimpering sound of Popiah) hehehe... Being a kind man, KaChang decide to describe to me how to attain the highest pleasure in asborbing the yin energy...

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